Poem by Andrew L. Peterson at DigiKidz program launching Tuesday evening

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Below is a poem that was performed by Andrew Peterson, International Baccalaureate student at St. Dominic High.

The poem entitled "New Age" was performed at the launching of the DigiKidz program Tuesday evening at Beau's Beau's Restaurant.



Poem on Technology –  Presented during Launch DigiKidz


Let me tell you the difference in times,

By elaborating in very clever rhymes.

How the world has developed, these last couple ages.

How we went from books, to online web pages.

RAM was once only a male horned sheep.

Now it's Randomly Access Memory, the data we keep.

When surfing was just going down to the shore

Now surfing is the browsing of info, we always want more

When Hackers were people hacking away at the trees.

Now hackers dig at us, like invasive fleas

Virus was when I would catch the common cold,

Now a virus is something I never want to download

Trolls lived under bridges and were completely mythical,

Now they exist for the 'lols'. With humor that's not hysterical.

Back when mail was hand delivered, and Spam was just meat.

And to meet someone, you actually had to meet.

Remember back when a web was sticky silken spider thread.

And a mouse was not welcomed in the house, alive or dead.

All those are back when, way before the digital phenomenon.

But now in this day and age, things got to start going on.

SO DigiKids. Compliments. You have the right idea.

And you are definitely starting in the right area.

Primary schools first, foundation is the key.

So they are equipped for the digital age, you see

For in this day and age, we cannot falter and lag behind.

As ages change fast, as my poem just defined.

Digital is here now, it's not an idea of tomorrow.

And now, ladies and gentleman.

We all know where we have to go.

-Andrew L. Peterson

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