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St. Maarten Day Address of Governor Eugene Holiday

PHILIPSBURG - His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday is his St. Maarten Day, called on the people of the island to rally around the embedded message of the calender date of our National day.

The theme of the St. Maarten Day Celebration 2011 is "one island, one people, one destiny".

Governor Holiday also stated that the "oneness" which we all strive for, calls for us as a people to continue to live in harmony through mutual respect for one another.

It is through our harmonious nature that we will be able to face and overcome the challenges facing us today.

His Excellency Governor Holiday also stated that St. Maarten, the number one island in the Caribbean as echoed in one of our local calypso songs, can only be achieved by our people's continuous efforts to attain our maximum potential as the number one island.

Governor Holiday St. Maarten Day Speech can now be heard via PodCast.

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