LC Fleming speech at youth conference opening

- The following is the full text of the speech given at the opening of the youth conference by President LC Fleming. Mesdames et Messieurs Dear friends,

If I am today particularly happy to open this conference devoted to our youth, it because the project of such an exchange has been dear to my heart for a long time.

As Head of the List UP, I had committed myself in 2007 to make education and training absolute priorities. Today, as president, I place the cause of our youth at the heart of our concerns.
During the course of history and in all the latitudes, human society has always viewed the youth of their population like an asset. Young people are a source of energy, dynamism, and aptitude for the change. The Youth are vectors of innovation and progress. Here, in Saint Martin's today, we should all be delighted by the extreme youth of our population.

However, taking into account the insular realities, of historical heritages and the demographic, economic, social and cultural context, the future of our young people poses for those in charge - parents, teachers, counselors, organizers lay people and those of the religious sectors
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