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DSC_2764PHILIPSBURG - Leader of the United People Party (UP) Theo Heyliger has promised the electorate of St. Maarten that his new party offers a team that is modern in it's thinking and best suitable to deal with the complex problems of today.

The "caretaker" commissioner made these comments during his official speech at the launching ceremony of the party on Saturday afternoon.

The (UP) leader addressed a wide range of issues that he believes the electorate of St. Maarten is concerned about, going into what is seen as the most crucial election for Country St. Maarten.

Below is the full text of the speech given by the (UP) leader on Saturday;

The United People is an organization built from the ground up to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We have created at once both a modern party with the vision necessary to work in a complex global economy and an organization based on timeless values that keep us in touch with the everyday needs and concerns of the people.

We believe that Country St. Maarten will require forward looking and decisive leadership in the coming new era. We cannot afford the old and divisive politics of the recent past that at times have crippled our government and cast serious doubt on our ability to govern ourselves.

The people need and deserve a viable alternative to the tired politics of ego and pride currently on offer. I left that kind of politics behind, because in such a climate the business of the people was forgotten. Join me in leaving it behind so that Country St. Maarten can move forward.

This is why the name of our new party is itself a symbolic break from all that was wrong before. We are, quite simply, the United People. And we will be like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, old room. We believe that a government or political party should never lose touch with the needs of ordinary folks. They are the heart and soul of a democracy. The United People will return to the cherished principles that once guided St. Maarten to becoming the best place in which to live while providing new ideas toward solving the problems of a new century.

The alarming rise in crime and the enormous challenges placed on a small island like St. Maarten in a globalized economy mean now more than ever that we must be united at all social levels to protect what is valuable to us and preserve our peaceful and prosperous way of life. In the face of these serious threats and challenges, better ways of thinking that match this century's reality and urgency must replace the expired ideas of the last one. The next decade will be crucial for Country St. Maarten as it steps out of the shadow of the Netherlands Antilles and onto the bright stage of the world.

St. Maarten needs people who know how to provide solutions. We know what is important to all of St. Maarten's people, and with this in mind, the UP party was born. Our objectives are clear. We must ensure the stability and growth of our economy. We must provide jobs and affordable housing for our people. We must create security and safety within our society.

We must see that everyone has access to quality healthcare. We need to reform our tax structure. And we must ensure that our children receive a sound and proper education. It is our belief that in order to successfully achieve these goals we must be united in the interest for the overall well-being of St. Maarten.

To accomplish these objectives will require all the ingredients necessary in sustaining a healthy and viable St. Maarten: competent leadership, proven know-how, tried and tested experience, and a clear vision of the challenges, threats, and opportunities of the coming new era. I sincerely believe that this organization, the United People, will provide these ingredients. We have the know-how, we have the experience, we have the vision, and we will now provide the much needed leadership.

As we progress with the launch of this party, you will be able to view our plan of action online or read about it in our pamphlets. The theme for our campaign is simple: teaming up for the country we all love so much, because only through unity, only through teamwork can we accomplish what is necessary for St. Maarten. I will be teaming UP with some of the island's best and brightest for Country St. Maarten. And I say to all of you, Let's team UP St. Maarten!

That was the full text of the speech given by the the (UP) leader, commissioner Theo Heyliger.

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