Labor Day 2010 Message

PHILIPSBURG - Allow me, on occasion of Labor Day 2010 to express words of appreciation, admiration and solidarity to all members of the St. Maarten labor force as well as to the various trade unions and workers' groups safeguarding the interest of workers.

It is appropriate that we celebrate our nation's work force and recognize its contribution to our economic development.

Just like those who came before us, we must not become discouraged by personal set-backs or occasional declines in the economy.

There is reason to celebrate the commitment of so many men and women who go to work, day after day, to help secure our island's economic well-being, taking care of themselves and of their families.

Workers are the heart and soul of our developing island-nation.

Yet, we will only see the situation get better if we emphasize partner-ship between labor and management, and responsibility by all for improving the quality of the goods and services we have to offer.

As we celebrate Labor Day, we should give thanks to those who continue to fight for improved working conditions.

It is our collective responsibility to prepare workers for the challenges of the next chapter in our history, that of our becoming a country.

As we pause to commemorate the many contributions of the St. Maarten worker, let us rededicate ourselves to our moving forward.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Labor Day.
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