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PHILIPSBURG - The following is the full text of the speech given by the President of the Hiv/Aids Foundation Dr. Gerard Van Osch, at the 25th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, which was held at the Cultural Center on St. Maarten.
PHILIPSBURG - The constitutional process is also having its way with the Island Territory of Bonaire. The DP on that Island has presented a document which seeks to document the continuing process.


German inflation hits 15-year record of 3.3 per cent in JuneHamburg  - Six months after the first freighter put to sea drawn by a giant kite, a German company said Thursday that the invention could "realistically" reduce a ship's fuel use by 15 per cent.

Enthusiastic proponents say that the computerized SkySails system could usher in a new age of wind power in commercial shipping, although the main power still comes from the ship's engine. Because of high oil prices, even small savings are valuable to ship-owners.

A 90-metre coastal freighter, the Michael A, was retro-fitted with one of the kites at the end of last year and a purpose-built kite vessel, the Beluga SkySails, set off in March on a two-month maiden voyage to Venezuela, the United States and Norway.

BONAIRE, beautiful Bonaire, my daughter, Alexandra, my son Philippe and I have been coming here since 1996. I started diving again after a long hiatus here in Bonaire.
Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome you to International Year of the Reef Week in Bonaire! I am delighted that each of you has taken time out of your vacation to join us here in Wilhelmina Park for this traditional event, A Taste of Bonaire.

I hope that you are enjoying the local cuisine, the music and the festivities highlighted by the International Year of the Reef.

PHILIPSBURG - Remarks by the Hon. Mr. Franklyn E. Richards, Governor of St. Maarten;

Dignitaries, Distinguished Guests; VKS Commander Mr. Jean Illidge; fellow VKS Officers; VKS volunteers; guests; Ladies and Gentlemen:
Some thirteen men and women are today officially joining the Voluntary Corps of St. Maarten, VKS, during this official installation ceremony, which, coincidentally comes on the very date of the 11th anniversary of this organization.

PHILIPSBURG - The following is the full speech given by the State Secretary of Health, Joan Smart-Berkel at the opening of the Caribbean Foundation for Sustainability Environmental Expo on Saturday morning at the Emilio Wilson Park.
PHILIPSBURG - The following is the full text of the speech given by drs. Eugene B. Holiday on Wednesday afternoon during the lunchon of the Rotary Club.
PHILIPSBURG - The following is the speach of the President of the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles, Pedro Attach at the opening of the Par-Latino meetings on St. Maarten.
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