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St. Maarten, March, 10, 2008

NAGICO Executive Director Eric Ellis said, "NAGICO is known for its contribution to sports on the island. We saw a need for the development of the sport of basketball and thought that providing an avenue for competition would be one of the most meaningful contributions, since competing in sports is one of the tools for improving performance. We're also giving teams the local teams- adults and children, an opportunity to showcase their talents. We're looking forward to working with the SBBA on The 2008 NAGICO Basketball Tournament."

The opening of the 6 month tournament on the last Sunday of the month, promises to be an event in itself! Starting with a march from the Nagico Head Office on Cannegieter Street; all the teams will make their way to the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium, where the official opening ceremony will take place. The opening day will include, the headline opening game, exhibition games, dance performances and many more activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Fans attending the opening ceremony will be treated to exhibition games by teams in the divisions and the additional treat of seeing the first tip off, of the tournament when the 1st game starts at 8pm.

The 2008 NAGICO Basketball Tournament will continue the following weekend at the same venue and every weekend with the exception of April 12 to May 6 when there will be a carnival break. Play resumes on May 7th; the full itinerary will be published in the newspaper and the public can look forward to an exciting promotional campaign which will fuel basketball passion in St. Maarten.

The aim of The 2008 Nagico Basketball Tournament is to promote the sport of basketball locally on the island, especially promoting keen competition within the A and B divisions and within the female and veterans divisions. Primary and secondary schools are also set to participate in this year's tournament. Already a total of sixty one (61)

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