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The St. Maarten Base Ball Association stated over the weekend that they were proud to announce that we had the first selection training last Saturday. This initial training was to make a general assessment of the condition of the individual players.

Despite the training being scheduled on a Saturday morning at 6 am, during the Regatta season, 9 pre-selectees showed up. There were others who could not comply with Saturdays appointment because they had to work. The pre-selectees were required to run 10 laps around the track, immediately after which their heart rate was monitored. They also had to weight in and were measured.

The assessments were carried out by Artwight Bell and his Assistant Mr. Coffie while the selection team manger, Mr. Tyndale Skeete, the trainer Mr. Tony Gibs and the Nabafe advisor Mr. Evans Marsham assisted overall.
In the picture: Amir Richardson is hooked up on the heart monitor immediately after completing his 10 laps. Training is expected to continue today Monday at 7 pm at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex where those pre-selectees who were not able to make it on Saturday will get the chance to do their assessment tests.
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