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25th annual St. Maarten open Golf tournament

MULLET BAY,  St. Maarten - For tomorrow, the first day of the tournament, based on the succesful registration of players today the following pairings have been established. The SMGA is quite pleased with the total of 79 registrations, as such the tournament is a success even before it starts.

With players from St. Maarten, St. Martin, Anguilla, Colombia, Great Britain, Netherlands, United States, St. Kitt’s, France, Guadeloupe, some playing under the St. Maarten flag due to long term residency, the multitude of nationalities bring prestige to this special 25th lustrum edition of the tournament.

TEE 1   First name Last name   TEE 10   First name Last name
7:10 Champion Scott Delong   7:15 Men 1 Yannick Cazemajou
  Champion Erwan Le Floc'h     Men 1 Alain Haillant
  Champion Troy Ferris     Men 1 Philippe Vonrufs
  Champion Jesus Antonio Rivera     Champion Kit Lee
7:20 Champion Rodney Tackling   7:25 Men Yvon Springer
  Champion Charles Blake     Men Jonathan Haillant
  Champion Serge Munoz     Men Ivan Havertong
  Champion Stanley Samuel     Men Clarence Derby
7:30 Champion Howard Hobgood   7:35 Men Steven Carty
  Champion Darren Banks     Men Marlon Loncke
  Champion Emmanuel Garcia     Men Ian Lucas
  Champion Louis Louchet     Men Marc Van Iersel
7:40 Men Charly Sermanson   7:45 Senior Philippe Thevenet
  Men Oliver Hobgood     Senior Steven Mix
  Men Andy Holmes     Senior Didier Bedu
  Men Jan Peter Holtland     Senior Louis Amond
7:50 Men Thomas Zorn   7:55 Supersenior Buzz Adamski
  Men Thomas Proust     Supersenior Chuck Ealey
  Senior Ricardo Perez     Supersenior Richard St. Peter
  Ladies Roberta Ceccarelli     Senior Sam Bashir
12:00 Men Chim Cohen   12:05 Ladies Sidsel Jacobsen
  Men Lester Samuel     Ladies Manon Tortelier
  Senior Tony Lake     Ladies Joanna Ambron
        Ladies Marie Gibbons
12:10 Supersenior Lionel Bouvret   12:15 Ladies Anne Marie Bouillé
  Supersenior Jeffrey Griffiths     Ladies Gitte Poulsen
  Supersenior Keith Graham     Ladies Debbie Ferland
  Supersenior Richard Ambron     Ladies Danielle Bedu
12:20 Supersenior Francois Anton   12:25 Senior Didier Kerfourn
  Supersenior Stéphane Legendre     Senior Richard Berchoux
  Supersenior Marius Arrondell     Senior Larry Stott
  Supersenior Tony Rodriguez     Supersenior Valentine Banks
12:30 Supersenior Steven De Windt   12:35 Supersenior David Morrison
  Supersenior Keithley Maynard     Supersenior Glenford Gumbs
  Supersenior Francis Eck     Supersenior Rourke Henderson
  Supersenior Steven Rumeser     Supersenior Richard Crompton
12:40 Supersenior Rob Aberson   12:45 Senior Lee Hallam
  Supersenior Bernard Schmitt     Senior Tony Burn
  Supersenior Auguste Belardinelli     Supersenior Frank Jespersen
  Supersenior Bill Olliver     Supersenior Peter Ringenbach

The SMGA is a non-profit organization of avid golfers that promotes the practice of the game of golf and to foster community sense. The SMGA organizes golf matches and tournaments for its members and non-members and donates most of its proceeds that are made through membership fees and during these events like the St. Maarten Open to multiple community organizations on the island.

If you like more information about this event or schedule an interview with either the SMGA President Mr. Keith Graham or the SMGA Tournament Director Mr. Rodney Tackling, please call Marc Groeneveld at +1721-553 22 34.

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