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“Los blancos zorros”, a students’ team of MPC is aiming to beat last year winners of Extreme Survival!

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Shane Shamdeo, Christopher van Vliet, Terrence Pinas and Justin Richardson are all four Havo students of MPC. They know each other from  first and third form. Now they  are all four in biology class and in their fourth year.

They heard about Extreme Survival, but were never that stimulated to participate. Until now! Knowing the winners of last year, then MOB, now called 21 chromosomen, would again try to claim the throne, this group of four decided they wanted to try Extreme Survival, to “try this experience before they die”.

They needed a name and they wanted to mask themselves. Everybody knows about Zorro, with his black mask, so why not be called LOS BLANCOS  ZORROS. And so it was.

They started with the assignment to be qualified and Terrence admitted that it had been great fun until now.

New sceneries were discovered.  Therefore they did like the different hikes, especially the hike to Red layer rocks between Bel Air Beach and Indigo Bay. “The sliding was sometimes dangerous”, said Justin. “ But very challenging”, added Christopher. “We  made it”’ laughed Shane and all agreed that it had been great fun.

They all practice sports to stay fit: Shane and Justin play volley; Terrence plays soccer and Christopher plays tennis. “We’ll be fit enough to beat everyone”, they all say, “but we especially want to beat last year winners, because we are the best”.

Well, Extreme Survival is something to try before you die, so we’ll see what will happen. Good luck guys! 


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