Manchester City has 10 players on loan to Dutch Eredivisie clubs

HOLLAND - No fewer than 10 Manchester City signings are on loan to Dutch teams this season, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday.

NAC Breda, FC Twente, PSV, Go Ahead Eagles and Heerenveen are all fielding players from the top flight English club.

NOS commentator Ragnar Niemeijer said he believes the clubs do it for the name. ‘NAC Breda is happy with the fact it can say it does business with Manchester City,’ he said.

‘Dutch clubs hope to bring in young talents for a good price. And it is good for the Dutch club sponsors to be associated with such a big club.’ Manchester city, he said, has statistical evidence that talents break through fastest in the Netherlands.

‘The reason,’ he said, ‘is clear. It is in the interests of Manchester City.’ Of the current batch, 19-year-old Turkish internationl Enes Ünal, on loan to Twente, is one to watch, he said.

NAC has four Manchester City players on board this year and Twente three.

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