Ajax fan gets community service for ‘lynching’ Feyenoord keeper

Photo: Paul Blank via Wikimedia Commons. Photo: Paul Blank via Wikimedia Commons.

HOLLAND - An Ajax football fan who hung a blow-up doll made to look like Feyenoord keeper Kenneth Vermeer from the balcony at a match between the two clubs has been given 60 hours community service by judges in Amsterdam.

Ferdi T, who has a history of violent crime, had told the court he considered the effigy to be funny and that he had not meant to threaten anyone.

T had hung the doll with a noose around its neck over the balcony during the match in February.

The doll’s shirt had the text Vermeer 1 on one side and NSB on the other. The NSB was the Dutch nazi party during World War II. Vermeer made a formal police complaint about the incident.

Vermeer was a member of the Ajax youth training scheme but was sold to Feyenoord by Ajax in 2014.

The racist incident also led to Ajax being fined €10,000 by the Dutch FA for not having removed the effigy as soon as it was spotted. The club earlier gave T a three-year stadium ban.

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