A Comprehensive Sports Policy Plan 2008



A Comprehensive Sports Policy Plan 2008

The St. Maarten Sports Policy represents a powerful vision for sports in St. Maarten. Almost a year in the making, the St. Maarten Sports Policy reflects the interests and concerns of government, the sport community, and of the countless other organizations that influence and benefit from sport in St. Maarten. This sports policy, the first of its kind on our island, is a measure of the collective determination of government and the sporting community to provide greater patronage to sports.

Sport appeals to young people; it challenges gender roles and myths and crosses social and cultural barriers. Sport touches all our lives - as participants and spectators. It plays a central role in nearly every society and in some countries it has become big business. It is commonly accepted that sport is good for you, it keeps you fit and healthy and can help to change your life altogether.

While recognizing that the articulation of public policy is ultimately a governmental responsibility, diverse partners were invited to participate in the development of the St. Maarten Sports Policy. All were driven by a common goal
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