Coast Guard put Skuchami after passage hurricane Irma St. Maarten

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - On April 28, 2000 Foundation Perspektiva i Sosten Integral -Skuchami was established with the aim to promote mental health in Curacao. Foundation PSI Skuchami enter this context prevention, promotion and curative activities. The mental health at work is a part here. Unfortunately, this is still underexposed. An environment with high workload, insufficient staff and a negative atmosphere can eg lead to physical and mental health and / or addictions. Also, sudden events, such as Hurricane Irma, can provide a lot of uncertainty with all its consequences, including for the field.

In this context, the Coast Guard, Skuchami approached in late September - early October to make an assessment of the impact of Hurricane Irma, for the employees of the Coast Guard.

A multidisciplinary team consisting of a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a member of the trauma team based on interviews with employees on St. Maarten a report of findings to the management of the Coast Guard handed.

October 10 is the international day of mental health. "World Health Organization" has mental health this year in the workplace given attention. The initiative of the Coast Guard to close here. Curaçao employers more dwell on the importance of promoting mental health in the workplace. So can reduce absenteeism by timely treatment, reduced turnover and job satisfaction are improved. Structural attention to mental health in the workplace is necessary. Skuchami hopes it becomes a part of policy of organizations and institutions in Curaçao.

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