Opposition Leader Denies Involvement In Alleged Plot To Overthrow The Government

ROSEAU, Dominica  –  Opposition Leader Lennox Linton Monday denied any involvement in an alleged plot to overthrow the Dominica government and says he fears he could be arrested on trumped up charges to that effect.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Linton said that a number of “Dominican patriots” will be at the police headquarters to “monitor events” surrounding the question of economist Dr. Thomas Fontaine, an opposition member of the United Workers Party (UWP) who was detained for several hours by police following his radio show on Sunday.

Linton said that while, Fontaine, a former employee of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was due to return to the police station on Monday for further questioning, “I am hearing the plan is to have me arrested today.

“I am hearing as well that they are going to arrest me in connection with the bogus story that (Prime Minister Roosevelt) Skerrit told about overthrowing the government of Dominica.

“Now… let me be very clear, I know absolutely nothing about any coup or any attempt to overthrow the government apart from what I heard Roosevelt Skerrit say in his address to the nation.

“It is Roosevelt Skerrit who has this story. It is Roosevelt Skerrit who has the intelligence and so Roosevelt Skerrit is the man that the police must ask questions. He is the one that is supposed to be in police headquarters,” Linton said in his near 11 minute-broadcast.

Last Wednesday, in a radio and television broadcast following disturbances in the city, that resulted in  fires being set and business looted, Skerrit said that the leadership of the UWP and the Dominica Freedom party (DFP) had to take the blame for the situation.

“The police had information that the intent of the leadership was to stall the truck in front the Financial Centre and storm the barriers with the intent of entering the building.

“This was the intent of the leadership of the United Workers Party and the Dominica Freedom Party. This is how they intended to seize the seat of power in the country. They would have stormed the Financial Center Building and seek to occupy the building until their demands were met,” Skerrit said in his broadcast.

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