Bloody Weekend In The Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas  –  The police Monday launched investigations into several murders here over the weekend.

They said that on Sunday, a man was shot and killed while standing outside of his home. The authorities said that the unidentified man was approached by two armed gunmen who shot him before fleeing on foot.

In another incident, the police said two separate shooting incidents have resulted in one man being killed and two others hospitalised on Saturday.

The police said in the first incident, a group of persons were attending a party, when the occupants of a blue self-drive vehicle pulled up and fired several shots into the crowd before speeding off. Two males were shot and taken to hospital where one of them remains in serious condition and the other in stable condition.

In the second incident, an unidentified male was standing outside of his home when the occupants of a vehicle pulled up and shot him before speeding off. The man was pronounced dead on the scene.
Police said that two of their colleagues have been hospitalised after they were shot by a suspect who has since been detained.

Police said on Friday, three people were shot and killed during two separate shooting incidents.

In the first incident, “a male was walking with two other males… when a male armed with a handgun approached and shot him before fleeing on foot. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene”.

In the second incident on Saturday, a group of persons were at a nightclub, when an altercation occurred that led to a male armed with a handgun firing several shots into a crowd.

“One male was shot as he attempted to leave in his vehicle. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Another male was taken to hospital where he later died,” the statement said, adding that the police have launched an island-wide manhunt for the suspects.

In other criminal activities over the weekend, police said they seized several rounds of ammunition during an operation in Nassau Village.

An American national along with three Bahamians including two women have been taken into custody in connection the discovery.

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