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Milestone for vocational education

PHILIPSBURG - Friday the Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescott Williams and representative of USONA Mr. Bart Pasman in the presence of DERP department head, Mrs. Patricia Lourens and task manager drs. Angela Dekker, signed the financial agreement for the project, Vocational Education on St. Maarten.

The amount granted for one year is NAF 3.525.750 and the project is part of the program Education and Youth on St. Maarten. With this project plan, DERP will be able to continue with the implementation of the innovations in VSBO and SBO.

The project plan consist of 7 domains and will make it possible to continue with teacher upgrading and training. Learning materials can be provided and student care can get the much needed attention.

With the signing ceremony now in the past, it is now possible to start with the 11 SBO courses in September of this year. The providers for these SBO courses are; The St. Maarten Institutes for Technology and Hospitality-SMITH, Stichting Voortgezet Onderwijs-SVOBE (Sundial School and MPC), The St. Maarten Business Development Foundation-SBDF and SIFMA.

The St. Maarten Business Development Foundation will start with the first part of the course for Marine assistant. This new level one course will be executed in close corporation with the MPC and the SBO service center.

On Friday the kick off meeting also took place, starting with preparation for the new school for secondary vocational education in Cayhill. The construction team consist of Mr. Louis Brown, Martin Vroegop, Kurt Ruan, Guy Gumbs and Angela Dekker.

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