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Talks with Bijleveldt inconclusive

PHILIPSBURG - The consensus of the Kingdom Law on the police force for St.Maarten, Curacao and the BES islands, was a major sticking point during a meeting involving representatives from St.Maarten, Curacao, Saba, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Holland, including states secretary of Kingdom relations, Ank Bijleveld on Wednesday.

The meeting took place on the island territory of Curacao. Commissioner Sarah Wescott Williams stated that the meeting was inconclusive. One issue on the draft consensus law on the police, prevents the signing of the document.

The sticking point was of the meeting was that of the task of the RST, the joint Dutch and Antillean police force. according to Commissioner Wescot-Williams, the island of St. Maarten is against the position of a separate police force, operation outside of the authority of the islands police force.

The proposal presented by St. Maarten calls for the RST be incorporated into the police force of St. Maarten.

An agreement on this point could not be reached which led to St. Maarten calling for the premises of joint services between St. Maarten and the Dutch, to be established.

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