PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Department of Communication(DCOMM) and the University of St. Martin (USM) is working together to bring a lecture series, entitled, “The Law Matters to You,” to the general public of Sint Maarten.

The lecture series is aimed at informing and educating the general public of Sint Maarten in different areas of the law, namely, court system, criminal, international, tax, fiscal, real estate, civil code and others. There are four lectures scheduled for this year.

“This joint venture,” Head of DCOMM Rodney Richardson said, “will be very informative for the public. The speakers will provide information on a specific topic, and the audience will have an opportunity to be interactive and discuss the topic with the speakers and other audience members. So the public will get to learn more about the law than a superficial glance.”

President of USM Dr. Francio Guadeloupe said that “the lectures will be like a mini law lecture, aimed at bringing the subject of law closer to the people. For the people to get acquainted with the law intricate details, it is important to provide the information to the public. With these lectures and communication activities, the topic of law should become more common place to the different segments of the population.”

The Keynote Speaker for this first lecture will be Judge Mauritsz de Kort, who will speak on the Joint Court of Justice & the Legal System on Sint Maarten, including its structure and functioning. 

The event is scheduled at the University of St. Martin on March 29, 2016 at 7pm at the USM, room 202.

BES Islands - Early March a report was filed against a police officer with initials L.C. on account of assault.

In response, the Public Prosecutor asked the State Investigation Department to investigate.

The concerning police officer has been suspended due to the investigation.

Given the current investigation no further information can be shared at this moment.


BES islands - During the past few weeks policy consultancy firm Ecorys performed an evaluation of the Education Agenda for the Dutch Caribbean on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius on the instructions of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science [Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW)]. The Education Agenda dates from March 2011 and is the guiding principle for the educational improvements between 2011 and 2016 on the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands (CN).

The objective of the evaluation is to back and provide insight into the effectiveness of all activities in the framework of the Education Agenda. However, it also is intended to look to the future.

The main objective of the Education Agenda was for the 21 educational institutions in the CN to achieve basic quality. The reports of the Education Inspectorate, which visits the local educational institutions twice a year, show that most educational institutions have reached basic quality by now. The evaluation by the agency Ecorys emphasises the question how these results were reached: what works well and what instruments are less effective? The evaluation should also show whether the results have been safeguarded adequately for the future.

In order to realise this Ecorys has conducted many interviews. They spoke to many stakeholders on the islands of the CN and in the European Netherlands. On each of the three islands they concluded the evaluation round with a round-table meeting with representatives of all institutions involved. During these meetings the Ecorys researchers presented the information which they had obtained from the interviews and the translation thereof to points of attention for future cooperation. During group assignments the participants contributed to refining these points of attention.

In April Ecorys representatives will present the results of the evaluation to the parties involved on the islands and in the European Netherlands.

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The “8th Annual Lion Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair” organized by the St. Maarten Lions Club on Saturday, March 5th 2016 at the Festival Village can once again be termed a great success.

Lions Health & Wellness Fair Organizer Lion Wally Havertong stated; “The Lions Club would like to thank through this medium all stakeholders who took part in the Fair for offering their expertise, information and services to the public of St. Maarten free of charge. 

The club would also like to thank the general public that came out in great numbers to make use of these services, information and various tests that were offered. Compiling all the results from the various stakeholders took some time and for that reason this press-release is finally being released at this time”.

All participants in the Fair have expressed their satisfaction as all did well, with some doing better than others. For the newcomers to the Fair, it was a great experience and most have already signed up for next year’s Fair in 2017. This year the Fair has seen quite some additions in particular where it concerns the Wellness part of the Fair with four speakers who filled the conference rooms at the Festival Village.

Pharmacist Dick Luttekes made several presentations on the administration of medicines and on several occasions there was a large crowd that was very satisfied with the knowledge they gathered from his presentations. Dr. Mark Hatfield, a Retina specialist from the U.S. spoke about Eye-care and Diabetes. He also addressed a full room of listeners who were updated especially where it pertains to those with diabetes.
As was expected, the speaker that drew the largest crowd was Civil-Law Notary Mrs. Meredith Gibson-Boekhoudt who spoke on “The Last Will” and “Inheritance”. Her presentation saw a conference room filled to capacity with standing room only as she enlightened the audience on these two very important subjects especially where it pertains to the changes in the inheritance law after April 2014. The final speaker for the day at the Lions Health & Wellness Fair was Pediatrician Dr. Pieter Offringa who spoke about Asthma & Allergies in small children.DSC 0773
The booth with the most visitors was The Diabetes Foundation(DBF) with their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol tests. This year the DBF tested 410 persons which is a big number judging from them testing in all districts on the island every other weekend. This year once again they added the services of a Podiatrist who flew in from Curacao for the day especially to assist the DBF with inspection of the feet and in particular the diabetic feet. The doctor was busy from the very beginning in the morning until she was ready to catch the plane back to Curacao. Diabetic persons who were high risks were referred to their specialist with the foot results and once again the Diabetes Foundation and the Lions are happy to announce that something really good came out of this year’s Fair.
The Podiatrist saw so many feet which showed some real alarming results and immediately notified the SZV. It so happened that the Honorable Minister of Health Emile Lee also visited the Fair and a discussion arose between DBF, SZV, the Minister and the Podiatrist. Based on these alarming results an agreement was made to have the Podiatrist visit St Maarten on a rotating basis to check the feet of our diabetics on St. Maarten as the island does not have a resident Podiatrist. The St. Maarten Lions Club for the 8th consecutive year sponsored the testing strips to the tune of US$ 1.200 for the 410 cholesterol tests carried out by the St. Maarten Diabetes Foundation.
The St. Maarten Aids Foundation tested a total of 168 persons at the Fair. Once again judging from the fact that the AIDS foundation is out testing every weekend in different districts, this is a great number.  The St. Maarten Aids Foundation was also assisted by their French counterparts who also brought along their special unit (bus) to also assist with the testing. Henderson Insurances booth saw 113 visitors whereby all received information pertaining to health, travel, medical and life Insurance.
SMMC gave the public an interesting demonstration and various information on Dialyses and the many services that is offered at the hospital. The Nephrologist was also at hand to give the necessary vital information. The Child Preventive Services of the Public Health Department offered vaccinations to children and also updated the vaccination files of many children. The Health Bus offered a special service to women with Gynecologist Dr. Courtar doing the special examinations and giving vital information. Eye screening was carried out by students of the Medical School of Medicine AUC. Inner Harmony is another regular participant that had a booth giving all sorts of information and demonstrating their activities that are available at their clinic in Cole Bay.
The Mental Health, Down Syndrome, Parkinson and Love of Kids Foundations gave vital information and demonstrations on mental health situations and how to deal with down syndrome in the early stages. The Parkinson Foundation is a new foundation and they shared documents on the disease while the Love of Kids Foundation gave important information on dyslexia while also demonstrating material on this important subject matter.
The brand new Kidney Foundation also had plenty to share with the public in particular with Ms. Felicita sharing her experiences. Surprisingly for the first time taking part many visited the booth for more information. Other newcomers were the recently established Psychologists Foundation and the newly sworn-in physiotherapist. The Alzheimer Foundation was also back at the Fair and took quite some memory tests and shared information to the public. SZV also once again played an important role at the Fair giving vital information on their new direction of preventive health care, information on health referrals and pensions.
Finally the Tsu Chi Foundation was once again the booth which was very popular for the various visitors. This Foundation saw no less than 343 visitors and carried out 94 massages and at closing time at 4:00PM was still busy and regretfully at that time had to turn back persons who still wanted to get a massage.
This year’s Fair has seen quite a growth with no less than 8 new organizations and foundations coming on board with all 44 booths being occupied. For persons or organizations that would like additional information or if they would like to take part in the next Lion Rudy Hoeve Health & Wellness Fair in 2017 can check the St. Maarten Lions Club Facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   `

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) in collaboration with the University of St. Martin (USM) will be hosting their annual puppet show for children ages 4 to 10 year old at the library on Tuesday 15th of March 2016, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

The puppet show is an assignment from the USM’s Children’s Literature Class.

The students teachers have not only learn how to prepare and execute puppet shows but also how to perform in front of a live audience.

Findings has suggest that puppet shows may be an effective means of reinforcing existing knowledge and communicating new information.

The aspiring student teachers will be preforming a total of 4 shows:

“From Bully to Friendly”: performed by Sharina Kalmera- Bryson,

Esther Louis-Jean, Tashana Samuels, Victoria Nelson, Audra Hyman.

, “Bring back my Booker” performed by: Oneida Arrindell, Vania Maynard, Miranda Richardson, Ahlina Gario.

, “Little Red Riding Hood”: Lucinda Gumbs, Chelsea Richardson,Sandrine Labardy, Reshma Khudan

“Why frogs have no tails”:Lerissa Rey, Shevonne Richardson, Dionela Casperson, Kiran Manglani.

Children on St. Maarten are not usually exposed much to puppet shows and literacy on all levels is our core components and with these goals in mind the interactive performance will be taken place this Tuesday March 15th. We are encouraging all children to come out and enjoy this event.


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