PHILIPSBURG - On Sunday October 9th at approximately 08.00 a.m. several police patrols, Detectives, Forensic Department and Ambulance were directed to Maho Reef area at the entrance of Amazon road (road leading to Point Pirouette) where a man was found lying on the ground close to parking lot.

The man in question was bleeding from his nostrils and mouth and had a very weak pulse.

On their arrival, police closed off the area and traffic was rerouted.

On the scene the paramedics tried to revive the victim however he was not showing any signs of life.

The police doctor was called in and shortly after pronounced the death of the victim.

Detectives are questioning witnesses who may have seen what happened or have seen the victim prior to the incident.

The body of the victim did not show any signs of violence or foul play.

The Forensic Department collected evidence at the scene to try to piece together what happened. The identity of the victim, who is a white male is still unknown.

The investigation is ongoing and when the identity is established the media will be informed. In the meantime if anyone can identify the victim, they should get in contact with the Detective Department.

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