The Council of Ministers decides to adjust the Election date to February 26th 2018

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The Council of Ministers has decided that due to practical considerations the date to dissolve Parliament will be adjusted. The dissolution of Parliament will now take place on April 2nd 2018.

The new date of postulation has been adjusted to January 5th 2018 and elections will now take place on February 26th 2018.

Following the elections the newly elected Parliament will be sworn in on April 2nd 2018.

The Landsbesluit no. LB 17/0619 dated November 12th 2017 confirming this decision is available in the National Gazette.

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0 #2 suarez 2017-11-14 21:50
Well said , we all guaranteed to die one day , but when we are alive do the right thing and make a difference to those people who supported you and you kept fooling them Sarah , Theo is what you call Mr. water in his vein , when you choose to ignore your son and use that to get petty votes says what you are in life , but god prevails along the way . always in his prayers
0 #1 WOMAN HUSH 2017-11-14 11:55
Could some body please ask Sarah to hush , well am asking u, years ago i voted for u but now u become too much talk and think people stupid , remember all these years u in office , u have a pattern to blab, blab anytime u have a problem with a party and only two sided swords do that ,cut on both side .
In your case now u cutting on four sides .
A reminder to u Theo ain't forget and sxm people either .
Look out for your votes on election day .
In life is not what we do but how we do it .
In the long run money going to kill us because we don't have no love in our hearts
In the mean time please try to be quiet and pray.
Thank u

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