New 8 members formed of Government

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - The 8 members of Parliament who have affixed their signature to the attached declaration , assuring their commitment to break the deadlock that exists, do so convinced that any delay tactic at this eleventh hour will not result in any reconsideration by the Dutch government for St. Maarten. These members are

T. Heyliger, S. Wescot-Williams, F. Meyers, P. Gerry, T. Leonard, C. Connor, S. Bijlani and C. Brownbill

We have to say what we mean and mean what we say. It is an unfortunate position this country finds itself in and without pointing fingers we believe that the relationship between the Dutch government and the Government of St. Maarten which has been off and on, now hangs in the balance.

This at a time, when our country’s recovery hangs in the balance.

The outlook is bleak and there are no miracles. Our economic buoyancy and resilience that characterize us, while shaken is still present.

Clear is however, that the kind of recovery that we envision, the speed with which we envision such, after the kind of disaster St. Maarten went through is only possible through a multiple faceted approach.

Crucial to that approach is having the funding available to tackle the myriad of issues facing our country.

Crucial to that approach is a clear and shared economic vision.

Crucial to that approach is communication and participation.

With the above and not wanting any misunderstanding to be used against the people of St. Maarten, we have issued a strong statement by means of declaring that we -with the prospect of aid to the tune of hundreds of millions of Euros, will agree with amendments to the National Integrity Chamber ordinance and the conditions regarding the border control, with the firm conviction that this is in the interest of the people of St. Maarten foremost.

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0 #4 Some fools 2017-11-01 14:40
All who think u can put the rat to guard the cheese wait and see how much the Dutch man will the if if sxm ever get aid from Holland .
Remember the money they had theif from Aruba .
0 #3 fred 2017-10-31 10:06
Now that these Criminals back in Government lets see how much Money Holland going to gave them, They say Theo gave the jumpers 2.5 Million each to jump. lets see the out come.
+1 #2 Movie time 2017-10-31 07:33
But, we know for sure that all borders will be monitored 24/7, by the Dutch. All who are foreigners living on the island undetected for years have to leave, the Dutch will see to that. And better immigration control at the airport and harbor. And soon after, a flexible tax plan, as the Dutch call it, as they gradually move into the immigration and finance department.

All I can say people "It wasn't me"
0 #1 Movie time 2017-10-31 07:26
The news outlets in the Netherlands are saying that Sarah break away from NA and USP because of money, not love for the people of this country. After mismanagement of St Maarten government coffers for years, they let the Dutch catch them in their trap. The Dutch government knows that Sarah and Theo cannot work together, because unforgettable history of the two being coalition partners never had a good outcome for St Maarten people. The Dutch know that you two are not about the people of born St Maarten parents, These two are for self interest and foreigners flocking illegally to our country.

The Dutch, for their own reason after hurricane Irma, never explain to St Maarten government how much money in relief aid they are bringing. They never said who will be handling and distributing the aid to the people, or who as a St Maarteners will be getting Dutch relief aid.

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