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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - A press release issued by KPSM stated that in connection with the 2017 “Cause Way Jump Up” which is scheduled to be held on Saturday March 18th the Police Department (KPSM) is informing the general public of the following road closures.

The jump up will depart on time from Kim Sha Beach in Simpson Bay at 8.00 p.m. taking the following the route- Welfare road – Airport Boulevard – Cause Way Bridge – Union road – Kruythof  round about – A.J.C. Brouwers road and will end at Church hill round about.

During the passing of the jump up parade all streets and alleys along the mentioned routes will be closed for motor vehicle traffic. When the jump up has passed any of these streets and alleys the traffic will be opened to the public again. All drivers using the public streets between the hours of 8.00 p.m. and 2.00 a.m. should take keen note of this information to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

During the closure of these streets they should also use alternatives routes to get to their destination. The Police Department is taking this opportunity to remind the general public that the 2017 Carnival will have a 0-tolerance approach and like the past years the updated “Transaction List” will go into effect.



1. Not following commands by a police officer (art. 3) NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

2. Disturbing public order (Art. 4) NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

3. Fighting in public (Not ill-treatment art. 24-b) NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

4. Removing, replacing or taking down of a police barricade (art. 24-c) NAFLS 150,-/$85,-

5. Throwing of bottles (art. 25) NAFLS 375,-/$212,-


6. In the possession of a weapon (not a fire-arm) or an object to be used as

such.(art. 1) NAFLS 625,-/$354,-


7. Resisting arrest (art. 2:133) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-

8. Not adhering to an order given by a police officer (art. 2:137) NAFLS. 375,-/$212,-

9. Insulting an officer on duty (art. 2:223 jo. art 2:224) NAFLS. 375,-/$212,-

10. Verbal threat (not group/gang related) (art. 2:255) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-

11. Ill-treatment (art. 2:273) NAFLS. 750,-/$424,-

12. Destruction of property (art. 2:334) NAFLS. 300,-/$170,-

13. Public Intoxication (art. 3:4) NAFLS. 150.-/$ 85,-

14. Serving alcohol to persons less than 18 years of age. (art. 3:53) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-


15. Possession of Cocaine up to 03 grams (Art. 3 sub 1 under c) NAFLS. 400,-/$226,-

16. Possession of Cocaine more than 03 grams, but less or equivalent to 05

grams. (Art. 3 sub 1 under c) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-

17. Possession of Marihuana 05 to 20 grams (art. 4 sub 2 under b) NAFLS. 325,-/$184,-

18. Possession of Marihuana more that 20 grams, but less or equal to 30

grams (art. 4 sub 2 under b) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-

19. Possession of 06 to 10 XTC-pills (Art. 3 sub 1 under c) NAFLS. 625,-/$354,-

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