Councilman Reuben Merkman goes Independent

BES Islands St. Eustatius - The former leader of the Democratic Party, Councilman Reuben Merkman is currently in discussion with leader of the United People's Coalition Councilman Reginald Zaandam and Independent Member of the Island Council Millicent Lijfrock.

They are looking at the possibility of forming the next coalition government.


We have understood that Councilman Reuben Merkman, who has since then declared himself as an Independent Member of the Island Council, is proposing Kenneth Lopes as the new Commissioner in the executive branch of the next government.


It means that if the leader of the UPC Reginald Zaandam, and the two Independent Members were to form the government, the Democratic Party and the STEP of Councilman Franklin Brown would be forced into the opposition benches.


Initially the Democratic Party had 2 seats, the STEP 1 UPC 1 and PLP of former Commissioner Clyde van Putten had 1 seat.


However, Independent Council Woman Millicent Lijfrock is currently enjoying the seat since the fall of the PLP, STEP, and UPC coalition.


Late on Wednesday learnt that an agreement was reached between Independent Council Woman Millicent Lijfrock, Councilman Zaandam and Reuben Merkman to form the next government.


We have also learnt that Reginald Zaandam and Mr. Carlyle Tearr will become Commissioners in the new government.

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