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Thursday, 07 July 2011 20:01


PHILIPSBURG - Dear editor these past days has been some of the most interesting days in my life. My opponents are trying their best to deter us from succeeding. They can hear every one discussing the issue of who is a StMaartener.

And this topic is scaring the living day lights out of the wanabees. The very issue that was suppress for the last thirty years in StMaarten has come back to haunt all politicians and our opponents that does not love people of StMaarten Heritage. However so far I am very disappointed in their attacks on me, first of all they are cowards, and I really pity them and I am sorry for them. If they had accepted who we are they will not be heartbroken.

My opponents fight with fear, I fight fearless and always with the passion to overcome. I thank my opponents very much for their petty attacks, and I encourage them to continue, because it strengthens me more and I become stronger and wiser. My grandmother always said to me what God gives you no one can take from you. She reminded me your enemies will come by the thousands and they will fall by the tens thousands.

What we are seeing in StMaarten is an awakening that no person can stop. It is destiny taking place you accept we all live in peace you deny it, you will destroy yourself. The noose is tightening; you cannot turn back the clock. Our time is at hand. Let me be very honest here, a lot of foreigners and naturalize people and also born here people agrees with us, those are welcome in the house of StMaarten.

They earn it by admitting and agreeing that first come and original always haves right away, God bless those StMaarteners. Why this fight is so important is that if you do not fight you become extinct and then you might have to migrate to another country where your chances will become greater of being victimize that is why you have to continue joining our program come one come all, victory is there let's take it.

For all those internet critics and for the coward real StMaartener whoever it is, you must first learn to face your opponent and let him know who you are, going on the internet with a false name only make you look desperate and displays your weak character.

Is that the best you got? Go ahead continue to make me popular but that does not interest me. You see, my cause is of a higher calling which you all will never understand. Because all you people live for is to criticize but cannot do anything meaningful in life. And that is why you all are failures.

Any person can go on the internet put a false name and play tough. But a real man or woman faces his or her opponent, which you all cannot do. Just remember the noose is tightening and your doom is near.

I will leave the door a little open for forgiveness, but if you do not want to survive I will close it with pleasure. God bless the people of StMaarten heritage and all other people that love people of StMaarten heritage.

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Thursday, 07 July 2011 19:53

Windies make 204 as rain forces early end

Roseau, Dominica, CMC– Heavy rain again forced an early close to the second day of the Third Digicel Test match between West Indies and India at Windsor Park on Thursday.

Only 80.3 overs out of a possible 180 have been delivered over the first two days of the Test being staged in the Dominica capital for the first time. West Indies were bowled out for 204 just before tea and India were eight without loss when a heavy shower came to end the day.

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Thursday, 07 July 2011 18:19

UNDP rep and Sxm sign agreement Thursday

PHILIPSBURG - The Draft Declaration between the Government of St. Maarten and the UNDP was signed on Thursday morning in the Government Administration Building.

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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production systems in the world, with the bulk of its output currently being within developing countries, and with expectations for aquaculture to continue its contributions to food security and poverty alleviation.
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PHILIPSBURG - The driving public will encounter more road closures as of this morning, Monday July 11th 2011.

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GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Coastal residents are advised to have plans in place for possible storm surge in the event of a passing hurricane.
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PHILIPSBURG - The Caribbean region is now into its second month of this year's hurricane season and with four plus months to go, NAGICO Insurances encourages the community to be prepared in the event of a storm or major hurricane.
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GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – The Department of Disaster Management has been informed that an area of disturbed weather associated with a Tropical Wave is causing inclement weather that the island has been experiencing for the past few hours.
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Thursday, 07 July 2011 09:53

International Justice Day

PHILIPSBURG - Sunday July 17th, 2011 is International Justice Day and as part of a global effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice, the Ministry of Justice has decided to observe this day and host a week, dubbed “International Justice Week,” of informative sessions and activities.

Since 10-10-10 the Ministry of Justice has made great effort to strengthen the functional cooperation in justice-related matters with our counterparts on French Saint Martin, the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, BES islands, Anguilla and St. Barths as a part of an overall strategy to not only efficiently serve the people of Sint Maarten but become a dependable partner within the Eastern Caribbean region and Dutch Kingdom.

The general public is hereby kindly requested to tune in to each show, for information and enlightenment about the Ministry, it’s departments and plans for Country St.Maarten.

    The week of events includes;

    Radio Interviews:

    • Sunday July 10th - On GBBC (LIVE) at 11:00am; Interview with the Honorable Minister of Justice Roland Duncan.

    • Monday July 11th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am; Interview with Ms. La Paix and Mrs. Smits – Rombley from the Immigration and Naturalization Department.

    • Monday July 11th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm; Interview with Mr. Den Hartig from the Public Prosecutors’ Office.

    • Tuesday July 12th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am, Interview with Ms. Concincion and Mrs. Van Samson – Filemon from the S.J.I.B.

    • Tuesday July 12th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm, Interview with Mr. Wilfred from the Prison.

    TV Interviews:

    • Wednesday July 13th – At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with The Honorable Minister of Justice Roland Duncan.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    • Thursday July 14th - At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with Mr. R. Henson and Ms. Jacoba from the Police Corps.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    • Friday July 15th - At 7:00pm on Department of Communication Info-session, Interview with Mr. Wilfred from the Prison and Ms. La Paix and Mrs. Smits-Rombley from the Immigration and Naturalization Department.
    • AVS News Interview Recap -  At 7:30pm

    The general public is also kindly requested to come out and join the Ministry of Justice in Celebrating “International Justice Day”.

    On Sunday July 17th – At the Clem Labega Square;

    International Justice Day Program

    • At 9:00am to 10:30am –  International Justice Day Ceremony.

    • At 10:45am -11:45am – Uniformed Troops March

    • At 12:00pm – 3:00pm – Justice EXPO – recruitment and information booths will be set up by various departments within the ministry
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PHILIPSBURG - Two members of the Youth Parliament Program of the St. Maarten Youth Council Association travelled to Guadeloupe on Wednesday to participate in a 5-day exchange on Youth Volunteerism.

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