A very positive year for InselAir

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - As the year draws to a close we can look back with satisfaction on a very fruitful year for InselAir.

The growth in destinations and the number of passengers is remarkable while the growth in income of the company has correspondingly increased.

The number of passengers that Insel Air has transported at the end of December 2012 for the whole year will be around 900,000.

The total number of seats in InselAir's fleet also rose spectacularly from 19 seats in 2006 to 167 in 2007, 319 in 2008, 653 in 2010, 955 in 2011 and in 2013 it will be 1.259.

It should be indicated that an average 3.5 flights can be performed with one airplane a day while some aircraft are being held as backup for in case technical malfunctions occur. In this way passenger transport is guaranteed.

Every day Insel Air has a total capacity of 3500 seats available to the customers.

The growth of InselAir could take place thanks to the connections that are maintained between South America, the Caribbean and North America. It is because of these connections that an influx of foreign capital in Curacao is realized. Through these connections and flow of passengers from abroad since the year 2011 only 18 percent of all traffic originates from Curacao.

This year, as in previous year, InselAir has transported all of its passengers to their destinations and never left passengers behind. In case of acts of God (hurricanes near Haiti or Jamaica, or storms and heavy rainfall in Barquisimeto, Venezuela) a flight could be delayed or cancelled but this happened very sporadic. InselAir has performed perfectly in the month of December 2012 and is so proud that an on-time performance of 88 percent was realized and all their passengers arrived on time at their destinations.

InselAir began in 2006 with 1 Bandeirante aircraft with 19 seats. Meanwhile, the company has grown into an airline with 13 aircraft amongst which three (3) Embraer Bandeirante , four (4) fokker 50 aircraft of which 1 is used for parts, and as of January 2013 six (6) MD82/83 aircraft. Of these 13 aircraft by December 31st , 2012, eleven (11) are owned by InselAir.

This fact makes InselAir a stable and financially healthy company. In all probability InselAir will make a turnover in the year 2012 of around 220 million Antillean guilders.

In 2012 InselAir Aruba received its AOC certificate which means that the company officially is now authorized to perform services from Aruba. The destinations which InselAir Aruba will operate in the future are Miami, Santo Domingo, Cuba, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Curacao, Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo, Ecuador, Belem, Manaus.

InselAir has also received in 2012 their IOSA certification. Through this, InselAir now meets all safety requirements imposed by IATA is on all their member airlines.

Via this IOSA certification InselAir can enter into Codeshare agreements with several reputable companies who are also members of IATA. In 2012 InselAir signed code share agreements with KLM en Surinam Airways, and has interline agreements with U.S. Airways, Winair, GOL, Avianca, Blue Panorama, Hahn Air, and Air France.

InselAir would like to thank all passengers who have used its services and have shown their confidence in InselAir. InselAir also wishes the entire population and of course her entire InselAir staff a very happy and healthy 2013.

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