Spies visits Caribbean part of the Kingdom

BES ISLANDS - Minister Spies (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) will be visiting Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius from June 10th – 15th.

During her visit to the islands she will attend the bi-annual Governor's meeting.

The visit of Spies starts on St. Maarten. She arrives on Sunday June 10th and will talk with the Governor of St. Maarten, dr. Eugene Holiday.

On Monday, the visit commences with an introduction to the new Cabinet of St. Maarten.

Following is the ministerial meeting with Prime Minister Wescott-Williams and Minister of Justice Duncan about the report of the Progress Committee and the plan of action.

Afterwards there is a meeting with the Minister of Finance Tuitt regarding the budget of St. Maarten.

In the afternoon a meeting to the Hillside Christian School and the SBO School will follow together with the Prime Minister and Minister of Education Jacobs.

Tuesday morning, June 12th, the Governor's meeting takes place.


On the Tuesday afternoon Minister Spies has a meeting with the Executive Council of Saba and she will visit various projects and organizations on the island.

Among others Laura Linzey Daycare Centre and the Police Station. Also the Organoponics Farm, a piece of agricultural ground where vegetables are grown, which also serves as a social workplace.

Wednesday June 13th the Minister visits St. Eustatius. She meets there with the Executive Council. Afterwards she departs to Curacao and has a meeting in the afternoon with Governor Goedgedrag.

Thursday June 14th Minister Spies has a meeting with Prime Minister Schotte and the government of Curacao. One of the important subjects of discussion will be the problem with the 2012 budget of the country Curacao.

At the end of the afternoon the Minister departs again to the Netherlands.

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