Accountant Terry Hernandez censored by Dutch Chamber of Accountants

PHILIPSBURG - The preferred accountant of the Curacao Government, Terry Hernandez, can no longer practice his craft for the next nine (9) months.

This sentence was handed down to him Chamber of Accountants in Holland.

According to a report in the dutchcaribbeanlegalportal, the vexed report of the audit, as conducted by accountant Terry Hernandez into the government company Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) and eventually led to the dismissal of De Lannoy, is the basis of the dismissed director’s complaint.

Even before his dismissal, De Lannoy had lodged a complaint via CPA and personally against Hernandez with the Nivra.

The complaint via CPA was withdrawn by the new management, which left the personal complaint from the former director.

Hernandez had already turned in a written plea with the Nivra and the disciplinary judge.

De Lannoy, who is assisted in The Netherlands by former judge Alexa Gratema (who also was appointed as judge on Curaçao for a term), has quoted three points on which he based his complaint.

In the past, the dismissed director indicated several times that the accountant had acted against the order given by the dismissed director.

Instead of focusing on verifying whether the management had acted lawfully during the years 2006 to 2010, as originally agreed, Hernandez focused on a (personal-aimed) investigation into the actions of De Lannoy as director of CPA.

The order had nine determined points and the final report would eventually discuss sixteen points.

That is seven extra points for which no order was given. According to De Lannoy, three (of the agreed nine) points were not even included in the final report.

Gonzalo Cuales of Z86 Radio in Curacao gives further insight into this matter via PodCast.

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