Managers of Motor World, Caribbean Auto and Thrifty Car Rental complete leadership training

PHILIPSBURG - Twelve (12) managers of Motor World, Caribbean Auto Sales and Thrifty Car Rental celebrated the completion of a full "Leadership Skills for Managers" training on Thursday.

According to General Manager Tariq Amjad, this is another example of how the companies are continuing to invest in their Managers.

All the managers that took the exam, passed with flying colors including General managers Tariq and Reza Amjad.

training was conducted by Malcolm Cooper and organized by Dakelly Betancourt of Linkelst van Wilken which is based in Curacao.

After a short get together, a ceremony was held during which the managers were presented their certificates.

The ceremony which  over-looked by Managing Director Rena Amjad, was held in the showroom of Motor World in Cole Bay.

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