Sr. Ms. Zeeland stop drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - The Dash-8 maritime patrol aircraft of the Caribbean Coastguard (KWCARIB) detected in the evening of October 29 during a patrol a suspected go-fast 'northeast of Bonaire. The naval vessel, the Zr. Ms. Zealand, already on the way back from the Caribbean was to the Netherlands after her term as a station ship in the West, received notice from the Rescue and Coordination Center (RCC) of KWCARIB Curaçao, the suspect vessel.

The Zeeland thereupon shifted its course and arrived on site a go-fast found with three people on board. The Zeeland has directly the NH-90 helicopter and deployed both interceptors. The helicopter has fired warning shots at the 'go-fast' to force them to stop. The passengers are then put on board their cargo.

Ultimately, the 'go-fast' off the outboard engines to smash them. In a search, there are twelve bales found a total weight of about 600 kilograms of suspected cocaine, which were thrown overboard by the crew. The crew of the 'go-fast' is taken on board and bales narcotics were seized. The "go-fast" was not seaworthy more and then sunk. After this the Zeeland opgestoomd to Curaçao and the suspects and the bags of drugs were transferred to local authorities. Subsequently Zr. Ms. Zeeland course again put to the Netherlands.

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