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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten - Another school year has started with students back to learning and acquiring new skill sets for the future. The Rotary Club of Saint Martin Sunrise realize how important it is for the kids to have the right supplies to do the best they can. The club for the last 5 years has donated bag with books pens and pencils to various schools with the help of their sponsors. This is one of the signature projects headed by Rotarian Marciella Henry, which has been a great success non stop for the last 5 years and will continue to be a priority project.

This year with the help of our Sponsor Motorworld , who has been a key sponsor for this project 450 bags were distributed among two schools. On Monday 28th August , a group of Members of the Rotary sunrise club , including MP Siddharth Bijlani and MP Claret Coner, and representatives of Motorworld Jacqueline Louis and Lorenzo Gomez, went to the two campuses of Hillside Christian school. Asha Stevens campus in Cay Hill and Helmich Snijders campus in St Peters.

Pricncipal Sprott-Mussington of st. Peters campus and principal Deerveld of the Asha Stevens campus in Cayhill were very warm and accommodating. The group made it’s way through several classes and handing out the bags to the children individually. President of the Rotary Club of Saint Martin Sunrise told the kids “Basic education is crucial to achieving success. With this gesture we want to provide you with a few tools to help you on your way.” The kids were all excited and thanked all those who came for their lovely gift.

Rotary Club of Saint Martin Sunrise meet every Tuesday at the gingerbread café in Belair at 7am. All guests are welcome to attend.

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